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New Democracy, the Greek Conservative Party, supports very reactionary social and political currents. For example Church is the big problem in Greece. Greek Orthodox Church insists for our religion stigma to be written in our official civilian identifications cards. Church wants to control directly or implicitly our beliefs. As well we pay taxes for the total operational cost of the Greek Orthodox Church…

We must pay taxes for our social organization and state but not for the church. Greek Orthodox Church must finance its operational cost from the financial sources of its followers. Costas Karamanlis, the leader of Greek Conservatives, supports the Church and its oppression against our individual liberties. Another example is inequality of the distribution of income.New Democracy supports the traditional policy of effective state interventionism.

I am against inequality but we must find alternative policies instead of state interventionism. Classical state interventionism has definitely failed! First of all we must determine the criterion of the distribution of income. Is it the effort? Is it the talent? Or is the status quo that reproduces the inequality mechanism? As long as inequality is the consequence of more effort and better talent then is fully excused.

So we must concentrate our political initiatives on discriminative poverty in developed countries and massive poverty in the countries of the third world. Free market does not keep the wealth to the same hands. Free market redistributes the income in favour of profits opportunities of the entrepreneurs who are discovering them. Many people around the world are clearly better off from the expansion of market mechanism and free trade. Free Market works very properly for a dynamic development of the society. So we must support market mechanism and we must keep it intact from the hands of state bureaucrats.

We will try to bring together free market and associative democracy for new solutions on this very big issue of income and wealth inequality. Socialdemocrats and free-market liberals in Greece are in strong alliance for this purpose! You could contribute on this new political effort if you are really determined. Come in contact with Liberty Network

A new political course has already started!

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